News is leaking that tomorrow BMW will announce a three-way partnership with Intel and Mobileye.

The partnership is billed as a move to catch Tesla, but to me its interesting mostly for what’s missing.

  1. There does not appear to be a Tier 1 supplier. Normally I’d expect a company like Bosch or Continental to be involved.
  2. NVIDIA isn’t named as a partner. Intel does have its own GPUs, but Intel is primarily known as a CPU specialist.

It’s an interesting set of choices for BMW, and may reflect where different suppliers are in their readiness to actually put parts in vehicles.

BMW and Samsung

Although the Ford-Google partnership is getting a lot of attention, a different, similar partnership is also in the works.

Business Korea reports that BMW, Samsung, and Nuance Communications are partnering to develop “the brains” of future autonomous vehicles.

The initial report is light on the details, although it does note that, “Samsung Venture Investment Corp. made investments worth billions of won in the U.S.-based connected car startup Vinli.”

To be clear, Vinli currently seems to be an Indiegogo project to create a “smart car”.

Originally published at on January 3, 2016.