GM Super-Cruise

S auto sales are booming, which provides money for R&D. Along those lines, GM has just announced that Super-Cruise hands-free driving will appear in Cadillacs next year.

This is a great step forward technologically, although it’s unclear how important this highway-only, handsfree mode will be to consumers.

“It’s going to be a creep, it’s not going to be a mind-bending thing,” said GM’s product development chief Mark Reuss earlier this year. “I don’t think you’re going to see an autonomous vehicle take over the city anytime soon.”

I’m reminded a little bit of the first touch-screen phones. When I worked at mSpot, I managed a few of our products that ported to the Samsung Instinct, which was pretty buggy and not so functional.

Anyone judging the future of smartphones by using the Instinct could have been forgiven for doubting the whole endeavor.

But the iPhone the phones improved rapidly, due to competition and consumer demand, and by 2010 nobody doubted the importance of smartphones.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar story play out with the first autonomous driving systems.

Originally published at on October 1, 2015.

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