NVIDIA recently announced the new Jetson TX1 unit.

They bill it as “a supercomputer on a module that’s the size of a credit card”.

NVIDIA is targeting the unit principally at autonomous vehicles, and also medical imaging, which presumably tackles a lot of similar computer vision issues.

The last few years have seen a deceleration in the mobile phone market, as phone manufacturers and app developers have had a harder time figuring out how to improve the smartphone.

I think we will see the converse in the autonomous vehicle market, and the Jetson TX1 is an example of that. In the robotics market, there is a lot more room for improvement, and a greater number of currently-binding technological constraints that can be relaxed.

As a side note, I always waffle on how to spell in NVIDIA, which can appear in the press as “NVIDIA”, “Nvidia”, “nVidia”, or “nVIDIA”. Since NVIDIA’s own website seems to be leaning toward the “NVIDIA” styling, I’ll go with that.

Originally published at www.davidincalifornia.com on November 11, 2015.

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