The Mobility Trifecta

In Greentech Media, Julia Pyper neatly summarizes the intersection of Uber, Tesla, and Google as the “Mobility Trifecta”:

Some experts call the convergence of autonomous, electric and shared technologies “mobility’s trifecta” — a three-part solution for many of the world’s biggest transportation-related issues.

Nothing new there as far as information, but I think it’s often helpful to have a concise and accurate shorthand to refer to things, and “mobility trifecta” is a nice term.

I am on record as stating that autonomous driving is by far the most important leg of that stool, at least in the near-term, but the electricity leg is going to be necessary for environmental preservation, and the sharing leg is as much inevitable as necessary.

Interestingly, entering “trifecta” into Google Image search doesn’t return anything helpful, so the image today will be of the three-legged stool.

Originally published at on November 30, 2015.

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