Google Applies a Little Pressure to Uber

Google Applies a Little Pressure to Uber

One of the elements of the self-driving car industry that fascinates me is the interplay of cooperation and competition between companies.

Google is the most interesting company in this regard, because Google is so large that it touches many different elements of other businesses.

For example, Google Ventures has invested money in Uber, Google Maps supplies Uber, [Google] Android is Uber’s largest platform, and yet [Google] X is building self-driving cars that might compete with Uber.

And recently, Google Maps began directing users to services that compete with Uber.

In some countries, searching for a route from one destination to another now prompts Google Maps to provide information about Uber and about competitive ride-sharing services.

Interestingly, the US is not in that list of “some countries”. Google Maps does not promote Lyft in the US, only Uber. So far.

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