Ford’s Self-Driving Escape Titanium

Yesterday I visited my local Ford dealership to check out their self-driving car.

Ford’s most advanced ADAS (autonomous driver assistance system) features are offered on the Ford Escape Titanium, which is Ford’s premier cross-over SUV.

The features include parking assist, blind-spot information system (BLIS), adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping.

At a feature spec level, those features match up well with Tesla, Volvo, and other car makers. I wasn’t able to test-drive an Escape to see how well the features performed on the road (my local dealer is relatively small and didn’t have the model in-stock), but I’m starting to get a better sense of how ADAS features exist in the world today.

It seems that while Tesla gets a lot of the best press coverage for self-driving technology, the gap between Tesla and other manufacturers is pretty small.

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