ADAS Test Drive: Ford Fusion

A few days ago I wrote about my visit to the local Ford dealer, where I learned about Ford’s ADAS features.

I also wrote that I wasn’t able to test-drive the features, because only the Escape Titanium has them, and the dealer didn’t have the right model in-stock.

Well, that wasn’t quite right.

I called another dealer and learned that several other Ford models have the ADAS feature, so I drove to the next-nearest Ford dealership and test-drove a Ford Fusion Titanium with all the bells and whistles.

Parking Assist: This is so cool! The car told me when it identified a parallel parking spot next to me, had me pull up, and then took over for steering into the spot.

Adaptive Cruise Control: We passed President Obama’s motorcade on our test-drive (he was in town for fundraising), which meant that on the way back there was severe stop and go traffic. The cruise control would sense when we would approach too close to the car in front of us, and then cut off the cruise control.

Lane Assist: At speeds of 35mph or higher, the car would detect the lane lines on the road, and then alert me when I drifted.

Blind Spot Assist: The side mirrors have a blinking light if a car crept into my blind spot.

Pretty cool!

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