My New Job

I am excited to write that on Monday, April 18th, I started a new job as a autonomous vehicle engineer at Ford Motor Company!

I work in Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in beautiful Palo Alto, California.

As you can imagine, I am incredibly enthusiastic about self-driving cars and I am thrilled to be working on them with one of the most advanced OEMs in the business. I am grateful to Ford for the opportunity!

Initially I was worried I might have to wind down my self-driving car posts as part of the new job, but it turns out Ford has a fairly open and well-defined social media policy.

Having taken Ford’s social media training during my first week, I will now make clear two things:

  1. I am work at Ford.
  2. I do not speak for Ford in my posts here. These posts are my own opinions and thoughts.

I will need to be a little circumspect about my new job, as a lot of the information is proprietary, but I think I am on safe ground saying that I will be splitting time between the domain controller group and the machine learning group, both on Ford’s autonomous vehicle team.

Wish me luck!

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