GM and Lyft

GM and Lyft announced that they plan to test self-driving cars on real customers within the next year. That’s a pretty aggressive timeline and a pretty amazing goal.

The reports have been pretty light on details, so there’s not much comment on.

One thought is that this would be awesome.

Another is that I’d love to see some firmer details around this prediction. For example, how many cars will there be and how tightly geo-fenced will the routes be?

I was trying to think of how likely I believe this prediction is to come to pass, but it’s impossible to put a finger on that without firmer details.

A third thought is that this would show a remarkably successful and fast integration of the Cruise acquisition into GM.

My last thought is that asking people take a ride in an autonomous vehicle is probably a smaller lift than asking them to purchase one outright. So this seems like a smart way for Lyft to introduce their AVs.

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