Weekend Roundup

Apple and Didi Chuxing: Apple just invested $1 billion in the Chinese ride-sharing company. It’s not clear to me to what extent this is a bet on ride-sharing, China, or self-driving cars.

“The ride-sharing investment barely dents Apple’s war chest, which stood at $232.9 billion in cash and cash equivalents as of its most recent earnings.”

BMW Self-Driving Car: They plan to launch in 2021. It looks like the Batmobile. “Our goal is already clearly-defined — to be number one in autonomous driving”, said BMW CEO Harald Krueger.

Mobileye Locks In Customers: But they won’t say who they are.

Audi Self-Driving Car Has Manners: Their concept car acts like a human driver — including giving extra space to trucks, and telegraphing (visually) it’s lane changes.

GM Acknowledges Google, Tesla: “GM executive Richard Holman said he and his colleagues once thought self driving cars would become available in 2035 or so. But thanks to the two Silicon Valley companies ‘pushing the envelope,’ he now seems that happening 15 years earlier.”

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