How to Land an Autonomous Vehicle Job

About eight months ago, I decided to wind down my long-running recruiting assessment business, Candidate Metrics, and move on to a new adventure.

I knew I wanted to get a big win for my career and work in an area that was really exciting. Self-driving cars were a natural fit.

Unfortunately, the web developer + recruiting software salesman + entrepreneur role I had been inhabiting for five years was only marginally relevant to the world of autonomous vehicles.

So I went to work building up the skills and CV to transition myself into autonomous vehicles. This transition had three big parts:

  1. Coursework
  2. Projects
  3. Networking

From start to finish, the whole cycle took almost six months, although I was winding down my old business at one end and finalizing my job offer at the other end, so there were really only three months where this was pretty much my full-time job.

Since there might be other people out there excited about autonomous vehicles but without a master’s degree in robotics, or years of embedded software experience, I’ll spend the next three days diving into each of the line items above.

Also, news seems to be slow in the AV world this week and I need something to write about 😉

Hopefully this will help somebody, though!

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