GM to Launch Self-Driving Cars with Lyft

Big news. GM is going to launch its self-driving cars “much faster than people anticipate”, and their going to be on the Lyft network. And by all appearances, the platform will be the Chevy Bolt EV.

GM’s Chief Engineer Pam Fletcher told Tech Insider:

We are working on an on-demand ride-sharing network with Lyft, it’s not something we are thinking about, it’s something we are very much readying for consumer use.

That’s about the extent of the news, though. Open questions include what cities this will operate in, what the launch schedule is, how much the cars will cost, what kind of sensors they use, if they will even have a steering wheel, and when they will be available for purchase outside the Lyft network.

I guess that’s a heads-up to Uber, though.

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