Tesla Crash Update

According to several news outlets, Tesla engineers testified in front of Congress that they are still uncertain what caused the fatal crash in Florida in early May.

There are two theories, one involving radar and camera, and one involving the brake system.

I tried to find a story to link to, but they all seem to open noisy videos, sorry.

This is a little bit of a puzzling outcome, and may explain why Tesla waited so long to announce the crash in the first place.

Standard practice would be to recover the sensor data leading up to the crash from the vehicle, feed that data into a simulator, and figure out what happened.

Surely Tesla has a simulator. So I can see at least two possibilities for the confusion:

  1. Tesla was unable to recover all of the sensor data from the crash.
  2. Tesla recovered all the sensor data, feed it into the simulator, and the simulator didn’t crash. That might leave Tesla at a loss to explain the discrepancy between the simulator and the real world.

The latter is more worrisome than the former.

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