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Kyle Jepson sent me a really terrific list of questions about self-driving cars that I’m going to address over the next few days.

But today is Friday and I have a stack of meetings and I can’t quite bring myself to write anything deep, so I thought I’d just share some of the stats for this blog itself.


The big headline numbers are that ~1,800 people follow the Self-Driving Cars blog on Medium (which I edit), and ~3,900 people follow me personally. I try to publish other authors on the Self-Driving Cars publication, in an effort to extract myself from the content-creation process, but I haven’t yet been as successful as I’d like.

Of course there are readers who don’t officially “follow” the blogs on Medium, and “followers” who don’t actually read what we publish.


So how many readers do we actually have?

For any given article, we get about 250 views.

We have a read-ratio of 80% (meaning 80% of clickers actually finish the article, I think), which seems pretty good to me. More than anything I bet that’s because my posts are usually pretty short.

The image above are the stats for my personal feed, not the Self-Driving Cars blog. You can see that in the last 30 days I’ve had:

  • ~16,000 reads
  • ~500 recommends

I’m rounding up, of course 🙂


Medium says I have 445 public posts, but a lot of those appear to be my comments on other people’s posts or my responses to comments on my posts. My guess is I have ~300 stories published.

The number of stories from other authors that I’ve published on Self-Driving Cars is probably less than 50. Please submit stories for me to publish there!


None of my posts have really “gone viral”, but the most-read post was Tesla’s Autopilot Crash. The staff at Medium actually wrote me right after that happened and asked if I planned to write on it, which was nice. Then they put it on the homepage, which was even nicer. It has 14,000 views.

Trailing quite a ways behind are Self-Driving Car Employers, with 5,000 views, and How to Land an Autonomous Vehicle Job: Coursework, with 3,000 views.

I’m sure Udacity would be thrilled if we could get Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Nanodegree up from 2,000 views to over 20,000. Help me out!


I don’t see a way to get aggregate referrer stats, only by-post stats.

For the post on the Tesla crash:

  • 6,000 referrals from email / direct visits
  • 6,000 referrals from or the apps
  • 500 referrals from Facebook
  • a long tail of referrals from other sites

For a more normal article, like Delphi to Launch Self-Driving Taxis, the ratios seem to be about the same.

Thank You

Thanks to all of you who read the blog.

I’ve written before that it’s a lot of fun for me to write them, and it’s even more fun to know that there are a few people out there reading them. It’s still true 🙂

I’ve had this blog going for about a year, I’m glad to have heard from so many of you over that time. If you haven’t already (or even if you have), please leave a note to say hello!


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