Monday Self-Driving Car Links

I’m a few days behind on blog posts, so I’ll just hit the highlights of a few big stories here:

Google Hires Airbnb Exec to Scale Business: Overall, it looks like Google is moving from research mode to production mode on this project.

nuTonomy Launches Self-Driving Cars in Singapore: So far they are limited to fixed points in a small area, and have a human safety driver. But it’s a start.

Uber is Going Autonomous with the Ford Fusion: Not a huge surprise, since the Fusion is a popular platform for this type of work. But neat photos if you’re interested.

Self-Driving Planes are the Next Big Thing: Sebastian Thrun might know a thing or two about this. Also, a good way to bring back the price of oil.

Baidu is Testing Self-Driving Electric Vehicles: They look smaller than the self-driving cars in the US.

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