The Future of Lyft (and the World) is Autonomous

Lyft co-founder John Zimmer has written a long thinkpiece on Medium, outlining the future of Lyft, transportation, America, and the world.

The headlines coming out of the piece are that most of Lyft’s rides will be driverless by 2025, and that private car ownership will be dead in urban America by that time.

But it’s really a magnum opus on transportation and technology.

Helpfully, Zimmer divides the piece into sections.

1. Autonomous vehicle fleets will quickly become widespread and will account for the majority of Lyft rides within 5 years.

2. By 2025, private car ownership will all-but end in major U.S. cities.

3. As a result, cities’ physical environment will change more than we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes.

Read the whole thing.

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