Taking Uber to the Game

I’m not afraid to say it.

I am a Phoenix Suns fan.

I still wear the orange and purple, even though the Suns are 3–8 and sit near the bottom of the Western Conference. Charles Barkley 4ever.

And so I paid good money and trekked to the Oracle Arena tonight, all to watch the Suns collapse in the final minutes of the game, as soon as the Warriors decided to actually start trying.

On my way in, I saw a giant Uber sign, with an arrow pointing into the stadium lots. As far as I can tell, the Warriors are actively facilitating Uber, even though it undercuts their take from stadium parking.

Maybe it’s because fans demand it. Maybe it’s because Joe Lacob, the Warriors’ venture capitalist owner, has a stake in Uber.

Whatever it is, hello future.

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