Auro’s Santa Clara Shuttle

Udacity’s partner, Auro Robotics, has been testing it’s self-driving shuttle on the campus of Santa Clara University for a year. In November they turned it loose on the public for the first time.

IEEE Spectrum says it’s getting a good reception!

During my rides, it was clear that the students are used to the Aero — so used to it that they don’t even think about getting out of its way. That can lead to a somewhat frustrating ride as the vehicle patiently trails a slow-walking student; it has a horn, but is too polite to beep. Visitors to campus, however, are at first puzzled, then thrilled, to learn that they are being chauffeured in a car that is driving itself. (See video, above.) And if you’re in the area, and have never had a ride in an autonomous vehicle, just stand in front of the parking garage for a while — the shuttle won’t ask to see your ID.

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