2016 in Review

Looking through my Medium posts from 2016, I wish I had sat down on January 1, 2016, and written predictions of what I thought the year would bring for self-driving cars, so that I could check those predictions now.

I’ll write that kind of post for 2017 this afternoon.

For now, here’s my take on 2016.

January: GM Invests in Lyft

February: Google Causes the First Self-Driving Car Crash

March: GM Buys Cruise

April: Self-Driving Car Companies Lobby for Consistent Federal Regulation

May: Uber Launches Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

June: BMW, Intel, and Mobileye Partner on Self-Driving Cars

July: Delphi Tests Self-Driving Cars in Singapore

August: nuTonomy Launches Self-Driving Cars in Singapore

September: Apple Pulls Back on Self-Driving Cars

October: Tesla Announces Self-Driving Car Plan

November: nuTonomy to Launch Self-Driving Cars in Boston

December: Uber Launches, Then Cancels Self-Driving Cars in San Francisco

I pulled these headlines from Google News. Next year, I hope to see lots more launches. I’d also love to see Udacity make this list in 2017!

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