Frank Chen’s 16 Questions About Self-Driving Car

Frank Chen is a Partner at Andreesen Horowitz who publishes terrific summaries of exciting area of technology.

A while back we talked on the phone about a self-driving car presentation he was thinking of putting together.

He put it together and it’s a terrific discussion of 16 Questions About Self-Driving Cars.

  1. Straight the Level 5 or not?
  2. LIDAR or not?
  3. Pre-computed HD maps, or build on the fly?
  4. What blend of computation techniques?
  5. How much real world vs. virtual world testing?
  6. Will V2X radios play an important role?
  7. Can we get rid of traffic lights and four way stops?
  8. How will automakers “localize” their cars?
  9. How will accident rates trend?
  10. When will it become illegal to drive?
  11. How will insurance change?
  12. Who will win? Silicon Valley vs. China vs. Incumbents
  13. Will we buy cars or transportation as a service?
  14. How will commute times change?
  15. How will cities change?
  16. When will this start, and then how quickly will we change to autonomous cars?

Watch the whole presentation!

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