CarND Term 1 Project Updates

CarND Term 1 project updates!

After talking with students about the CarND projects, we have split projects into code and writeup reports.

For every project in the first term of the program, the code implementation and the writeup report will be in separate files.

We hope this change makes it is easier first to focus on implementing the project, and then to explain the implementation.

Each project has a GitHub repository, and each repository contains a writeup template to structure your explanation. The templates are based on the project rubrics, which should make it easier to pass the project on the first submission!

There are additional small changes to the Traffic Sign Classifier Project and the Behavioral Cloning Project.

  • For each project in the first term, a writeup report must be included in the submission, in addition to any other required code files. The report can either be a Markdown or PDF file. Check out the new Project Expectations content. Rubrics have been updated to reflect the writeup report requirement.
  • The Traffic Signs Project now comes with a validation set. It is no longer necessary to split the training data to create a validation set.
  • The Traffic Signs Project has had some small rubric clarifications, so be sure to check the rubric.
  • In the Behavioral Cloning Project, previously the model was saved as a JSON file and the weights were saved as an H5 file. In the new version, the model and weights should be saved together into one H5 file. The project includes instructions on how to do this.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these changes.

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