NIO Sets Electric Autonomous Speed Record

The NIO EP9 is officially the fastest electric, autonomous car in the world.

The NIO EP9 electric supercar wasn’t content with merely entering the never-ending vehicular stat war — it recently set a couple of lap records at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas, including one for the fastest production car ever to run there. In case that wasn’t enough, it set a driverless lap record for the track, too. The startup automaker now claims that it is the fastest electric autonomous car around.

Jalopnik reports that NIO engineers built its autonomous software in just four months.

Did I mention that NIO is a hiring partner for Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program?

Here’s a question-and-answer session between our students and NIO CEO Padmasree Warrior, with me moderating.

And here’s Padmasree and Sebastian Thrun at Udacity Talks!

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