V2X Startups

Nanalyze has a brief roundup of six vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) startups to watch. What’s striking to me is how many of them have been around for quite a while — almost a decade in some cases:

  • Autotalks: automotive-grade communication chips
  • Cohoda Wireless: automotive-grade communication chips
  • Kymeta: automotive satellite communications
  • RoboCV: collision avoidance with vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Savari: vehicle-to-anything communication infrastructure
  • Veniam: automotive mesh WiFi

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is really exciting — imagine the hypothetical world with no traffic lights, because cars communicate with each other and weave through intersections.

This hypothetical future, though, might be a long ways out. V2V suffers right now from being at the losing end of a network effect — because almost nobody has V2V technology in their cars, it’s not particularly valuable to have V2V technology in your own car.

This is a surmountable problem (see, for instance, the early history of the telephone), but it might take a little while to get there.

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