Link Roundup

I was traveling last week (more on that soon) and fell way behind on autonomous vehicle news and on my own posts.

Here are some things I missed.

Keras is broadening the deep learning frameworks that it supports. This is actually slightly old news, but pointed out to me recently. We use Keras in the Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program.

HERE demos its next generation mapping vehicle. If you’re particularly interested in localization, the vehicle has a fancy LIDAR and DGPS setup.

Waymo is building self-driving trucks. The Google-Uber competition continues.

Ford plays catch up on self-driving car technology. No, wait, another article says Ford is ahead! The truth is Ford itself doesn’t really know for sure, because none of the car companies are releasing metrics in this area. The only group that even has a clue about this, interestingly enough, are the automotive suppliers, since they see what everyone is doing.

Uber fires Anthony Levandowski. In hindsight, this seems inevitable. Although I dislike the way the judge in the Waymo lawsuit basically ran roughshod over Levandowski’s fifth amendment rights.

Yandex is working on a self-driving taxi service. Of course they are.

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