DIY Robocar Meetup

This weekend I went to the DIY Robocar Meetup in Oakland, which is an awesome event if you’re excited about autonomous vehicles.

Lots of people gather in a warehouse of a day of hacking on miniature autonomous vehicles, and the day is capped off by a time trial.

I went to watch and to get my son out of the house so my wife could have the day to herself, but it was fun to meet lots of Udacity students who were participating.

Mr. Evan

All of them attested to how much they were learning by putting their skills to use on actual embedded hardware that had to run in realtime.

There are several of these Meetups springing up around the world, and there are even a number of kits you can buy to get up and running quickly. So if you are interested in the field, consider trying it out! And if there’s not a similar event near you, maybe you can start one 🙂

Here’s the second-place car for the weekend:

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