The Udacity Self-Driving Car Team

Over the entire nine month course of the Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree, only a fraction of the people behind the program ever appear on camera.

There’s myself, of course, and my colleague Ryan Keenan, who taught a number of lessons. A few of my colleagues like Sebastian and Andrew Paster and Andy Brown and Aaron Brown (not related) appear for short cameos.

But there is a small army of colleagues behind the scenes who make everything work. The photo collage above doesn’t even capture everybody.

Here are a few photos I captured recently of the people who make the program happen.

Ryan Keenan (content developer), Justine Lai (producer), and Sebastian Thrun (president) at our final shoot.
Stephen Welch (services lead, then content developer), Brok Bucholtz (content developer), Aaron Brown (content developer), Justine, and me on a foggy day on our retreat at Point Reyes.
Geoff Norman, Justine Lai, Ernesto Molero, Larry Madrigal, and Silver, all working together to produce our final shoot.
Trophies for Justine, me, Caleb Kirksey (self-driving car engineer), and Megan Powell (support representative).
Stephen, Caleb, Aaron Brown, Anthony Navarro (product lead), and Brok at a team dinner.
Jessica Lulovics (program manager), me, Lisbeth Ortega (community manager), Megan, and Justine at a team dinner.
Stephen, Jessica, Caleb, me, Anthony, and Aaron celebrating the launch of our final module, with a cake that Jessica baked.

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