Happy Birthday to Me

Not a stock photo.

Today is my 36th birthday, which officially pushes me into middle age on those surveys that ask if you are 25 or younger, 26–35, 36–45, and so on. That’s a little rough, but otherwise this has been a great year, professionally and personally.

12 months ago, on my 35th birthday, I was leading a small team that was hustling to put together enough of a self-driving car curriculum to release before the holidays.

12 months later, today, our small team has grown and turned over, and we’ve released a nine-month program that has helped thousands of students prepare for roles working on autonomous vehicles. Our first students will graduate in the coming months, and we’ve already seen many students land jobs in the field, even before graduation.

I hope in another twelve months I can circle back and say that this coming year has been even better.

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