Chris Urmson on Recode Decode

On the latest episode of the Recode Decode podcast, Kara Swisher interviews Chris Urmson.

Urmson’s Carnegie Mellon team won the DARPA Urban Challenge in 2006. From there he joined my current boss, Sebastian Thrun, at the Google Self-Driving Car Project, back when Sebastian was running that. Urmson led the Google Self-Driving Car Project himself after Sebastian departed to launch Udacity. Most recently, Urmson left Google to found Aurora Innovation, his own self-driving car startup.

The interview is an hour long and Swisher lives up to her reputation as the best of tech journalists. They cover the early days of the DARPA challenges, how Urmson got to Google, why he left Google, what Aurora is doing, how the automotive industry and tech industry will partner and compete, when we will see fully autonomous vehicles on the road, and the moral responsibility autonomous vehicle engineers have to the drivers they might put out of work.

Listen to the whole thing.

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