Facebook’s Automotive Strategy

“I come with very good news. We’re the only company in Silicon Valley that’s not building a car.”

I wasn’t there, but apparently Sheryl Sandberg got some good laughs with that line at IAA New Mobility World yesterday.

So why is Facebook sponsoring one of the key events at the world’s largest automotive show?

Facebook does have an automotive strategy, and it seems to revolve around virtual reality and augmented reality.

The idea is that Facebook’s Oculus headsets could be used everywhere from the factory floor — where they would help autoworkers assemble vehicles more quickly — to in the car, where self-driving technology would free passengers to enjoy in-car virtual reality experiences.

So far it all seems to make sense, but it also seems a little vague. I’ll be excited when we see a specific product or service related to self-driving cars that Facebook wants to launch.

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