Lyft IPO

Paul Lienert, who occasionally comments here, has a piece up on Reuters about an impending IPO for Lyft.

It seems to be in the earliest of stages, and these things move forward and then get pulled back all the time. So who knows if it will happen in the near future or not.

But the column makes the point that a Lyft IPO is a mechanism for the public to invest in self-driving cars.

Of course, public companies like NVIDIA and Tesla and Alphabet (Google/Waymo) have already provided a channel for public investment in autonomous vehicles. But an investment in Lyft at this point is a more direct investment in the future of autonomous vehicles than most other companies.

Disclaimer: Udacity and Lyft just formed a terrific partnership, and I think highly of the company. But I have minimal interaction with them beyond the bounds of the partnership, and I have no idea what plans, if any, they have for an IPO.

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