Automotive Manufacturers and Lidar

GM just purchased a lidar startup called Strobe that I had never heard of before. Strobe has flown well below the radar, but GM Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt says that they have compressed their lidar down to a chip that fits in one hand.

It is interesting that lidar is increasingly becoming a competitive differentiator between self-driving car companies. Lidar, in fact, is the basis for the lawsuit between Waymo and Uber.

Here’s where I think a few top autonomous vehicle companies are with lidar:

Waymo: They appear to be building their own lidar. They’re also suing Uber over theft of lidar documents.

Tesla: Elon Musk famously believes lidar is not necessary for self-driving cars.

Uber: Photos indicate that Uber ATG self-driving cars are mounted with something that looks like a Velodyne HDL-32E.

GM Cruise: They just bought Strobe.

Ford: Invested in Velodyne.

Baidu: Invested in Velodyne.

Toyota: They’re using Luminar units in their recently unveiled prototype vehicles.

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