Self-Driving Cars in Boston

nuTonomy announced a while ago that they would be testing self-driving cars in Boston, but then I kind of lost track of that, especially in the wake of the Delphi acquisition.

Recently WBUR reported that nuTonomy actually already completed its first pilot program in Boston. Seems like it happened under stealth:

Over a two-week trial in November, a select group of volunteers tested out nuTonomy’s self-driving cars in Boston. The participants hailed a ride using the company’s booking app. The trips they took looped around the Seaport District, starting at the company’s Drydock Ave. office and moving onto Summer Street into downtown Boston and back along Congress Street.

Sounds like everything went well and in fact WBUR reports that another Boston company, Optimus Ride, is also testing in Boston.

I used to joke that there’s a reason every self-driving car company is testing in California, Nevada, or Arizona — lots of sun and warmth.

But with Uber in Pittsburgh and these companies in Boston, we’re making small steps to all-weather support for self-driving cars.

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