Miles Driven

Uber ATG recently announced that its fleet has driven 2 million miles autonomously.

In November, Waymo announced that its fleet had logged 4 million miles.

Cruise has been a little more circumspect, but GM CEO Mary Barra has stated “hundreds of thousands of complex urban miles”.

If you put Tesla Autopilot into the mix, they appear to be in the hundreds of millions of miles, if not billions by now. It’s not exactly a fair comparison, since Autopilot is SAE Level 2, whereas Waymo, Uber ATG, and Cruise are all testing Level 4 systems. But it does show the data-collection benefit of getting a real production fleet out on the road.

So, in an industry where miles driven are the name of the game, we have:

Telsa: ~1 billion
Waymo: 4 million
Uber: 2 million
Cruise: ~0.5 million

It’s not clear who’s next — maybe nuTonomy? — but it seems like those are the pacesetters.

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