Flying Cars at Udacity

Udacity just opened up applications for the Flying Car Nanodegree Program. It’s going to be amazing.

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I’m still focusing on Self-Driving Car, but I’ve watched the Flying Car team develop this program and I’m especially excited for the simulation environments they’re building. The projects students will get to construct in those simulation environments are incredible.

Here’s a quick summary of the curriculum:

Term 1: Aerial Robotics — You will learn the fundamental concepts required to design and develop robots that fly. You’ll work with the quadrotor test platform and our custom flight simulator to implement planning, control, and estimation solutions in Python and C++.

Term 2: Intelligent Air Systems — You will delve into the specifics of flying cars and coordinated autonomous systems. After an intro to fixed wing aircrafts, you will learn how to update and optimize vehicle parameters and routes over “flying car length” missions. From there, you’ll learn to coordinate entire fleets of flying cars as you leverage cutting-edge technologies, learn real-world systems and regulations, and complete projects culminating in an entire “flying city” finale.

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