Win an Interview with Lyft’s Self-Driving Car Team

For the last few weeks Udacity and Lyft’s Level 5 Engineering Center have been hosting the Lyft Perception Challenge to identify the best Udacity students for interviews on Lyft’s self-driving car team.

The competition involves segmenting driving images, like the image above. If you’re in or have graduated from the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree Program and interested in working at Lyft, you should participate! And if you’re not in the Nanodegree Program, you should join 🙂

The competition closes on June 1, 2018, so there are still a few days left to enter your submission.

If you’re looking for an approach to get started, my Udacity colleague Kyle Stewart-Frantz has posted a terrific walkthrough of his deep learning approach to the challenge.

Kyle trained a fully-convolutional network using data from the CARLA simulator, and then found that the data applied pretty well to real world camera data.

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