Self-Driving Car Fundamentals: Featuring Apollo

Udacity just launched a free course about self-driving cars with Baidu, the creators of the Apollo open-source self-driving car framework!

“Self-Driving Fundamentals: Featuring Apollo” is a conceptual overview of the key components of a self-driving car and how they work. No math or coding required!

Baidu is one of China’s most important Internet companies, and runs the largest search engine in the largest country in the world. They have also built, Apollo, an open-source self-driving car framework adopted by more and more companies around the globe.

This course is both free and English (with Chinese subtitles, of course). The course consists of 7 lessons:

  • Welcome
  • HD Maps
  • Localization
  • Perception
  • Prediction
  • Planning
  • Control

These are the fundamental components that comprise the autonomous vehicle software stack, and you can learn how they work by following along!

Self-driving cars are truly a global phenomenon, with centers of innovation in North America, Europe, and of course Asia. This course was built with Udacity’s US and China teams, and Baidu’s US and China teams. It is really exciting to watch engineers from around the world work together on some of the most amazing technology mankind has ever produced.

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