The Story of the Model 3

Bloomberg published a terrific long-form piece last week entitled, “Hell for Elon Musk Is a Midsize Sedan”.

The piece covers everything from Musk’s personal work style, to Tesla’s strategy of vertical integration, to the triumphs and failures on the way to finally hitting their 5,000 cars weekly goal at the end of June. Although the article goes on to question how sustainable that success really is.

“In early June, at Tesla’s annual meeting, Musk tried to project calm, but at times seemed close to tears. “This is like — I tell you — the most excruciatingly hellish several months that I have ever had,” he said, before noting that Tesla’s assembly lines were being further upgraded, making the company “very likely” to hit the weekly goal of 5,000. He also revealed he’d asked employees to build a third general assembly line that would be “dramatically better than Lines 1 and 2.” That sounded even more alien-dreadnoughty.”

I’ve had some difficulty pairing the massive success of the Model 3 as a product with the tremendous manufacturing struggles Tesla has experienced getting the car out the door. This piece helped put that together for me.

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