TiE Autonomous Vehicles Panel

Come join me next Tuesday, October 9, at the TiE Silicon Valley panel on the Future of Autonomous Vehicles!

The panel will be from 5:30pm — 8:30pm in Sunnyvale, California, at the offices of Micro Focus. It’s quite a lineup they’ve assembled:

  • David Hall: Founder and CEO of Velodyne
  • Manji Suzuki: VP at Denso
  • Ashish Karandikar: VP at NVIDIA
  • Qasar Younis: Founder and CEO of Applied Intuition
  • Vijay Nadkarni: VP at Visteon
  • Hyunggi Cho: Founder and CEO of Phantom AI

If you want to learn what is going on at the cutting-edge of self-driving cars in Silicon Valley, this seems like the place to do it. I’m excited myself to learn what the other panelists have to say about the future of autonomous vehicles!

Register here 🚗

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