Hello, Auckland!

I am excited to head to Auckland, New Zealand, tomorrow, where I will be participating in the inaugural Workshop on Education in Autonomous Driving Technologies!

I will present Teaching Autonomous Driving at Massive Scale at 9am on Sunday, October 27. WEinADT (as it is called) is part of the larger IEEE Intelligent Systems Transportation Conference.

Professor Alexander Carballo has done terrific work organizing the workshop and I am lucky to be a part of the agenda!

This will be my first time visiting New Zealand, and I am super-excited to participate in WEinADT and ITSC. If you’re going to be at ITSC, please swing by my presentation at 9am on Sunday to say hello!

If you happen to be in New Zealand, even if you won’t be attending ITSC, send me (david.silver@udacity.com) an email! I’d be delighted to meet some friendly faces in Auckland.

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