Teleoperations From Home

Kirsten Korosec has a story out in TechCrunch about the partnership between Postmates and Phantom Auto to teleoperate Serve, the small autonomous delivery vehicle that Postmates has launched.

Postmates teleoperations staff is now working from home, as are so many office workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Postmates has provisioned its teleoperations staff with the necessary equipment to remotely operate vehicles from home.

Postmates says that by moving this job to a work-from-home setup, it’s opened the role to many more possible operators.

The interesting question, for me, is whether Postmates and Phantom Auto can make this setup economical enough for massive scale.

One of the huge advantages of that Tesla is reaping is the ability to use its vehicle owners as free data labelers.

Teleoperators can be free data labelers, as well. If Postmates and Phantom can make the teleoperators economical at scale, that would be a huge data advantage.

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