Embraer Pulse

Years ago, when I was studying computer science in Brazil, Embraer was the place for aspiring Brazilian engineers to work. Petrobras had the money, but Embraer had the cache of being Brazil’s technology company that was on-par with the rest of the world.

Embraer is the world’s third-largest aircraft manufacturer, after Boeing and Airbus. Think about that. The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer is in Europe, the second-largest manufacturer is in the United States, and the third largest is in…Brazil.

Not China, not Taiwan, not Japan, not India, not back in the US. It’s in San Jose dos Campos.

I’m always a little thrilled to step onto an Embraer regional jet. A little bit of Brazil in the sky.

2020 has been rough for Embraer, as for all aviation companies. COVID-19 has brought commercial aviation to a standstill. The company has furloughed 30% of its employees. A multi-billion dollar joint venture with Boeing just fell apart.

Embraer continues to dream big. At South by Southwest last year, Embraer had a huge presence, touting their eVOTL vision.

I recently re-watched Embraer’s Pulse concept video from last fall. It feels pretty sci-fi, like a lot of concept videos, but it’s exciting to see a Brazilian company envision the future.

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