Tesla Takes A Baby Step Toward Ridesharing

Elon Musk famously tweeted that Tesla vehicles will be appreciating assets, a first for automobiles, if that comes to pass. The logic stems from another controversial Musk claim, that Teslas will eventually become robotaxis, generating passive income for their owners.

Recently, Electrek and other outlets wrote Tesla has taken a baby step toward the robotaxi vision. Nothing self-driving, much more pedestrian (excuse the pun) than that.

Tesla has created an “Add Drive” feature in its app.

Tesla does not yet appear to be advertising this feature, and I don’t own a Tesla, so I can’t confirm for myself. But apparently Tesla owners can now give access to their car to anybody, just by adding an email address. No key necessary, just the Tesla app and a confirmed email address.

Even if the robotaxis are a long time coming, you could imagine this might make it a lot easier for Tesla owners to rent their vehicles to other drivers through sites like Turo.

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