Big Day for ADAS

Two big ADAS announcements today!

  • Honda announced they will mass produce the world’s first SAE Level 3-capable vehicle.
  • Rivian posted specs and features for their upcoming electric light trucks, including the news that Driver+ will come standard on every vehicle.

Some caveats are in order.

Honda’s announcement seems to hinge closely on a recent approval from the Japanese government. Whether this level 3 system will be available outside Japan is unclear.

Audi launched an A8 model several years ago that was L3-capable. But they never enabled Level 3 autonomy, due to regulatory concerns.

Rivian’s Driver+, meanwhile, garnered comparison to GM SuperCruise, which is among the best such systems in the industry.

“With the system engaged, your Rivian will automatically steer, adjust speed, and change lanes on your command. Enabled on select highways at launch, more road types will be introduced through over-the-air updates. Like all driver assistance systems available today, Driver+ requires your full attention on the road at all times and you should not use a hand-held device behind the wheel.”

That’s a big claim! I’m excited to see some reviews of the system.

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