PIX Moving

I was excited to read that PIX has just raised a “pre-Series A” round of funding.

PIX is an under-the-radar electric, autonomous vehicle manufacturer in the “small” city of Guiyang, China. I put “small” in quotes because Guiyang, while small relative to other Chinese metropolises, has a population of 4,000,000 people, which would make it the second-largest city in the United States!

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Guiyang and work with PIX on a self-driving car bootcamp that they jointly hosted with Udacity. Students from all over China flew in and spent a week building and programming a self-driving car. It was pretty awesome!

PIX has pioneered a process for large-scale 3D metal printing that allows them to build a wide variety of vehicle form factors on top of their foundational electric and autonomous “skateboard” platform.

It’s fun and exciting to watch little startups, especially in out-of-the-way places, grow and compete with industry leaders. I hope to see more great things from the team in Guiyang!

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