Hot Job: Learn Rust At QBio

My friend and former Udacity boss, Clarissa Shen, leads Q Bio, which built a next-generation medical imaging system that give patients autonomy and visibility into their own health.

Clarissa just alerted me to a hot job Q Bio has posted: Embedded Software Lead. This line from the job description particularly struck me:

Ability to write production level code in C and C++… Once you’re onboard, you’ll be expected you to learn Rust

I have wanted to learn Rust for the last several years, and the idea of getting a job where I would be paid to learn Rust is super-duper appealing. I would apply for the job myself, except I love Voyage so much that I definitely couldn’t leave here.

The Rust programming language emerged from Mozilla, and is supposed to be similar to C++, with many of the same high-performance characteristics, but with superior memory-handling and concurrency support. Supposedly it’s like modern C++, but even easier to pull off would otherwise be super advanced programming techniques.

“Rust has been voted the ‘most loved programming language’ in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey every year since 2016.” — Wikipedia

If you want to improve medical care and health outcomes, and get paid to learn Rust, apply here and also email your CV to me at I’ll put you in touch with Clarissa (who is great, by the way!)

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