Cruise Acquires Voyage!

Cruise CTO and co-founder Kyle Vogt, left, with Voyage CEO and co-founder, Oliver Cameron, right

Voyage announced today that Cruise is acquiring us! I am excited to join one of the largest and most advanced companies working on self-driving cars.

A few months ago, I moved from Udacity to Voyage, in large part because so many of my former Udacity colleagues were at Voyage. Now we are moving together to Cruise, to work with a much larger team putting robotaxis on the road.

My brief time with Voyage has been delightful, and I hope to enjoy Cruise just as much. More to come!

“After being intimately involved with the AV industry for the last five years, I can say with certainty that Cruise — with its advanced self-driving technology, unique auto-maker partnerships, and all-electric purpose-built vehicle with no human controls — is poised to be the clear leader.”

Oliver Cameron

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