Ask Waymo Anything!

Waymo raises $2.25 billion to scale up autonomous vehicles operations |  VentureBeat

Waymo’s Twitter account posted a message today soliciting questions from the public.

This is such a great thing to do. Publicly-traded companies typically hold quarterly earnings calls with Wall Street analysts. Those analysts get to ask any questions they want, and the answers are shared with the world in real time. But the general public rarely gets an opportunity to ask questions themselves.

Waymo isn’t even a public company yet (although it is under the Alphabet umbrella), so there’s certainly no expectation that Waymo would field questions from investors or anybody else. But it’s a great PR move.

I got very excited and ask several questions in succession. Then I realized it might be rude to ask more than one at a time, so I just left one up.

A company’s unit economics are pretty fundamental and sensitive data, so I’d be surprised if Waymo answered this directly, or at all. But I’d be fascinated if they were to answer, and regardless, I think it’s generous of them to provide the opportunity to ask.

You should ask Waymo a question, too!

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