Report: Autonomous Vehicle Testing In Europe This Summer

VW ID.Buzz autonomous microbus

Both The Verge and CNBC report that Volkswagen & Argo will begin testing self-driving cars in Europe this summer. That news comes courtesy of a press conference with Brian Salesky, Argo’s CEO, and Christian Senger, a Volkswagen executive.

Announcements about self-driving testing (as opposed to commercial services) have become a little ho-hum in the US, but this seems like a big deal for Europe. So far, Europe has had very little autonomous vehicle testing on public roads, and even less news about such efforts.

Volkwagen is a major investor in Argo, which is headquartered in Pittsburgh, with offices in California and Munich, Germany. Although much of the self-driving software that Volkswagen will test this summer was presumably written in the US, just getting it on the road in Germany will be a meaningful step forward for the European automotive industry.

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