Hot Job At Cruise: Director, Program Management Office

Cruise is hiring a Director, Program Management Office. You should apply, or send me your CV and I will refer you!

Great program managers are amazingly effective at reducing stress, increasing performance, and especially at hitting timelines.

For years, I did not believe this, mainly because I hadn’t seen many good program managers in action. Mostly, I had seen engineers, or product managers, or executives corralled into program managements roles, where they performed adequately but not impressively.

I myself have been corralled into that role a few times. I am not a great program manager.

But then I joined Udacity, which had phenomenal program managers, and I realized how effective they could be. Holding everyone accountable, foreseeing the future and addressing upcoming complications, and reporting out progress are all really important for organizational progress.

This specific role at Cruise will, “lead the management, implementation, and reporting of Cruise’s programs.  You will be responsible for creating roadmaps, developing and adhering to timelines, and working cross-functionally to ensure alignment and collaboration.”

Contact me if you’re interested 😊

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