Comma Three

comma – introducing comma three

Comma just wrapped up Comma Con, it’s developer and customer conference, in San Diego, no less 🙂

The big announcement is the Comma Three, a $2199 aftermarket product that provides high-level lane keeping and cruise control to a wide variety of vehicles.

I purchased the original Comma several years ago and tried it out on a variety of rental cars. The performance impressed me then, and I’m sure it’s terrific now. Comma boasts, “thousands of customers and millions of miles.”

They also promote that the device is “Easy to install,” and then link out to a 15-step process that takes about 30 minutes and includes steps such as, “Route the RJ45 cable to the OBD-II port” and “Let the mount cure.”

Comma’s technology is so good, and I remain amazed that they have chosen to remain independent and focus on hackers, rather than go big through OEM partnerships.

I’ve been a fan of Comma since 2016. Way back then, I sat in a garage with George Hotz, Comma’s founder, and had an informal job interview that was almost more like a conversation about end-to-end deep learning for self-driving cars. They sent me a programming project which I didn’t wind up completing, but that garage conversation inspired the behavioral cloning project in the Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program, and George spoke to Udacity students at the event we hosted to launch the program.

I wish them much success, part of which I suspect will be conditional on the type of OEM partnerships they have thus far avoided.

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